Faq for Speed Limiter / Speed Governor
What Technology is used in the speed governor?
The technology used in our product is called IFMS (Intelligent Fuel Management System). The IFMS uses valves and nozzles to regulate and create a perfect fuel management system. Fuel management is the most effective and maintenance free technology available in the market.  IFMS technology was developed by Cray sol technologies and is patent applied.

What is the efficiency of Speed Governor?
Since the device is directly interacting with the fuel control system, maximum fuel efficiency is ensured. Most of the customers have reported an average 15% improvement in the overall efficiency. This goes not only for the fuel, but lower maintenance and practically zero accidents.

How to Recover from Break-Down Situation?
The Speed Governor has been designed to face all practical situations that a vehicle could encounter in the day to day operation. MERCYDA Speed Governor has a unique feature that also work after the break-down. But visit the service center as soon as possible.

Will the device support all types of vehicles?
  • Our Speed Governors have the maximum type approvals for the different variants of vehicles that can be asked at our company office.
  • All Speeds ranging from 40 upwards to 80 is supported by our speed governors ( Approved by ARAI )
What makes the product distinguishable from other devices?
  • More efficient and safe.
  • Low emission is Better environment & health.
  • Better Mileage and Lower Maintenance
  • Easy to fit and maintainable
Why should I install the Speed Governor?
  • Quality and durability
  • Lower cost of product
  • Better fuel mileage than any other product in the market.
  • Lower maintenance